Our Mission

To construct fun community projects that delight and spark imagination.

Our goal is to continue to build public art installations that we can use as vehicles to raise awareness and funds for causes we believe in.


All proceeds raised will go directly towards supplies for the reconstruction of The Wizard Alley Project at Camp Korey.

Wizard Alley Project

Our first project, the Wizard Alley Project, attracted over 30k visitors and raised $45k for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Our next project is to re-construct the Wizard Alley Project bigger and better at Camp Korey. We are going to do this through funds raised under our newly formed non-profit, Constructing Community. Also, we will be calling upon volunteers in the near future to help with this project at Camp Korey. Stay tuned!

Magical House Project

This project is really early in the planning stages. Follow us on Facebook to get monthly updates!

The Falcon Project

A life goal.